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At Care Site Kitchen Technical Service, we specialize in

Professional technical service for commercial kitchen and laundry equipment, including cold rooms, in Abu Dhabi. Trusted solutions!

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Our expert technicians are equipped to handle a wide range of kitchen equipment issues. From routine maintenance to complex repairs, we ensure your kitchen operations remain uninterrupted.

Commercial kitchen equipment maintenance

Commercial kitchen care, Catering service, Troubleshoot Cooking equipment fix, Servicing, Appliance fix, Technical service, Oven repair, Restaurant maintenance, Service, Dishwasher fix, Industrial maintenance, Preventive maintenance, Technical support, Appliance repair.

Industrial laundry equipment maintenance

Washing machine repair, Dryer servicing, Industrial maintenance, Troubleshooting, Professional repair, Washer and dryer care, Preventive maintenance, Installation, Inspection, Industrial dryer maintenance, Appliance service.

Professional cold storage equipment repair

Cold room care, Refrigeration repair, Troubleshooting Freezer maintenance, Professional repair,Preventive maintenance, Refrigeration service, Inspection, Chiller repair, Compressor fix, Storage installation.

Industrial kitchen design and fabrication

Kitchen design, Equipment fabrication, Custom equipment, Stainless steel appliances, Catering manufacturing, Professional tools, Restaurant layout, Equipment installation, Kitchenware design, Modern gadgets, Culinary manufacturing, Refrigeration.

Annual kitchen equipment service agreement

Annual service agreement, Catering equipment servicing.Foodservice maintenance, Professional appliance service, Restaurant inspection, Kitchen service contract.

Professional oven maintenance

Rational oven care, Cleaning procedures, Inspection checklist, Troubleshooting, Maintenance schedule, Hygiene standards, Care techniques, Professional maintenance, Cleaning guidelines, Maintenance tasks, Industrial upkeep, Care instructions, Maintenance company.

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"Care Site Kitchen Technical Service has been a game-changer for our restaurant. Their prompt and reliable service keeps our kitchen running smoothly. Highly recommend!"
Howard Chavez​
Restaurant Owner
"The team at Care Site is fantastic. Their annual maintenance contract has saved us time and money, ensuring our equipment is always in top condition."
Lucas Elliot
Catering Service Owner


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